Gold Tooth's Getaway is set number 8967 and is an Agents 2.0 set. This set includes: Gold Tooth, Agent Swipe,
Gold tooth

Gold Tooth's Getaway set

Gold Tooth's Motercycle, and the Agents Supertrike. Agent Swipe is also exclusive to this set.

Description Edit

Inferno Motorcycle Edit

The Inferno Motorcycle is an advanced and capable motorcycle built by Dr. Inferno for Gold Tooth to use. The bike is made up of some TECHNIC parts and a seat. Due to it's mainly TECHNIC build, is does not have handlebars to Gold Tooth to hold while driving. It is also possible to attach the Golden dinosaur artifact

Agents Supertrike Edit

The Agents Supertrike is a small three wheeled vehicle of which Agent Swipe uses to chase down Gold Tooth. It has tow yellow flick-fire missile on the left and right side of the vehicle and a handle bar for Minifigures to hold on to and drive it. Like the Inferno Motorcycle, the Supertrike consists of some TECHNIC parts as well.

Background Edit

The story of this set is Gold Tooth stealing a golden dinosaur from the museum and Agent Swipe has to stop him.

Minifigures IncludedEdit