Sheeesh! Now I can finally pollute this river in peace
— Adam Acid
Adam Acid
Adam Acid.png

Ultra Agents

Accessories ADU Gun
Appearances 70160 Riverside Raid

Adam Acid is a villain in the theme Ultra Agents that was was released in 2014. He works for Toxikita.

Description[edit | edit source]

Adam features a transparent green head with an angry expression. Half of his face is yellow with a normal angry look, resembling criminals from the City theme, but half of it is transparent green and damaged, with pieces of the yellow skin visible, appearing to be dissolved by or turning into acid. His torso and right arm are gray. His right hand is white, but his left hand, as well as his left arm, are light green, and the area near the arm on his sweatshirt is burned away by the acid, to show that the sleeve has been destroyed. He has dark blue legs, and a black hat. Adam is equipped with an ADU gun.

Background[edit | edit source]

He was once an ordinary civilian, but turned evil after being sucked into one of AntiMatter's vortex in Riverside. He was then hired by Toxikita to spill toxic waste into the ocean. However, he was then captured by the Ultra Agents.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • He slightly resembles Two-Face and Mr. Good and Evil.
  • In the Ultra Agents App, he has a to-do-list saying "1. Buy eggs 2. Be mean 3. Get toxic waste from T 4. Pollute the ocean". Later on in the app, it is revealed that T is Toxikita.
  • He was most likely a sailor.
  • He rides the Guardian, a ship that was part of Toxikita's anti-pollution rally.

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