Agent Fuse

Agent Fuse is the Lego Agents computer analyst. He goes on lots of missions. Fuse went after Gold Tooth when he stole some gold bars. He failed to capture Gold Tooth. Fuse next tried to stop Gold Tooth and Spy Clops from freeing Dr. Inferno, but failed. When the Agents found Dr. Inferno's Volcano Base, Agent Fuse went on a solo mission near the base. The Infernos found him and hung him over lava. They were about to drop him in lava, but Agent Trace saved him. They destroyed Dr. Inferno's laser, but Dr. Inferno got away. In Agents 2.0, Fuse goes after Dyna-Mite and Dollar Bill when they stole money from the bank. Fuse hasn't been seen after that.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Gold Hunt

Mobile Command Center

Volcano Base

River Heist

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