Agent Trace is the Lego Agents hacker. She appears in sets 8633 Speedboat Rescue, 8635 Mobile Command Center, 8637 Volcano Base, and 8970 Robo Attack. It is said that she has a crush on Agent Chase.

She first appeared in Speedboat Rescue, when Break Jaw kidnapped her. Agent Chase soon came, and rescued her in the speedboat, but Break Jaw got away. Trace next appeared in the Mobile Command Center. She helped the other Agents fight Gold Tooth and Spy Clops, but the Infernos got away after succeeding in breaking out Dr. Inferno from prison. In Volcano base, she saved Agent Fuse from being lowered into hot lava and freed him from being tied up.

In Agents 2.0, she helped Chase destroy Dr. Inferno's robot. That was the last time she was seen.

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