Dr. Inferno

Dr. Inferno was the main enemy of the Agents and Agents 2.0 Lego themes. He Had lots of henchmen, and was extremely dangerous. Dr. Inferno thought up lots of schemes and was hardly ever seen because he always sent one or two henchmen to complete the mission. If the henchman completed the mission, Dr. Inferno would be happy, and maybe even promote them. If they failed, he would yell at them or fire them or kill them.

Dr. Inferno's first scheme was Operation Laser. Dr. Inferno created a laser, but he would need something to power it. He sent Saw Fist to steal an energy crystal. Next he sent Break Jaw to recover a treasure map. Break Jaw recovered it but it was taken by Agent Charge. But Break Jaw had already transmitted a photo of the map to Gold Tooth. Gold Tooth failed to escape with the gold bars, but got away.

Eventually, after his laptop was stolen, Dr. Inferno was found and arrested. He was stuck in the Agent's Mobile Command Center, until Gold Tooth and Spy Clops broke him out. Dr. Inferno continued trying to complete Operation Laser, and the Agents continued trying to stop him. He sent Break Jaw and Slime Face on a mission to steal a treasure chest. Agent Chase and Agent Charge failed to stop them. Dr. Inferno at last had a power source to use his laser. Operation Laser was almost completed.

But Agent Chase looked on the laptop he had stolen. It showed where Dr. Inferno's Volcano Base was. Agent Fuse went on a solo mission to the base, but he was found and captured. But the Agents showed up. They rescued Agent Fuse and destroyed the laser. Devastated, Inferno fled. Fire-Arm and Claw-Dette covered for him. The Agents defeated them, but Dr. Inferno was gone.

Dr. Inferno ordered Gold Tooth to steal a golden statue. Then, He ordered Dyna-Mite and Dollar Bill to steal some money. Dr. Inferno bought parts to make a Giant Robot with the money and stole the statue for more money. Dr. Inferno was stopped and arrested, this time for good. Magma Commander tried to get revenge on Lego City, but failed. Everything was safe again.

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Mobile Command Center

Volcano Base

Robo Attack

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