Gold Tooth is a henchman of Dr. Inferno. He has an eye-patch, golden  teeth, and  golden hair. In Mobile Command Center, he wore a black helmet and flew a Jet.In Gold Hunt, he worked with one of the Inferno Henchmen. They stole some gold bars, and soon Agent Fuse was after them. It is unknown if Gold Tooth got away. Next Gold Tooth helped Spy Clops break Dr. Inferno out of the Mobile Command Center. They got away successfully. The Agents didn't encounter Gold Tooth again until Agents 2.0. In Gold Tooth's Getaway, Gold Tooth stole a gold statue from the museum. Gold Tooth was pursued by Agent Swipe, and he was probably caught and arrested, because Gold Tooth hasn't been seen after that.

Appearances Edit

Gold Hunt

Mobile Command Center

Gold Tooth's Getaway

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