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Lego Agents Wiki is a guide to;LEGO Agents, LEGO Agents 2.0, LEGO Alpha Team, and LEGO Ultra Agents. Please help by creating new articles and editing ones that have false information and are out of date so we can make this the best database for Lego Agents out on the web!

News[edit | edit source]

  • August 28, 2009: Lego Agents Wiki is online!
  • October 18: Agents 2.0 page is up!  
  • November 16: LEGO page is up!
  • Febuary 11, 2010: Agent Chase has adopted this wiki!
  • August 30, 2017: Darth X the great is now bureaucrat and admin.


Help[edit | edit source]

We currently need help with templates, Alpha Team sets, and this main page! 

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Minejedicraft Minejedicraft 23 June 2020

I want to be Admin, to restore this Wiki

Hi, I would like to work here.

This is my favourite theme and I would be proud to work on it. This Wik. is old, Need to be restored and his abandoned.

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Der rote Kampfflieger Der rote Kampfflieger 15 August 2017


I want to be Admin.

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Agent Andrew martins Agent Andrew martins 22 February 2015

We want Lego Agents back.

Lego agents was really fun but I never got a chance to get the sets so I think the Lego company must bring back Lego agents.

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