Screenshot of Loading Screen

Sliding game for you to play while the game loads.

The Robot Chronicles is a game on based on the themes City, Racers, and mainly Agents. You drive around LEGO City, as you complete missions and complete tasks to unlock new cars and vehicles, ultimatly unlocking Inferno's Robot. It also has a slide puzzle game to play while waiting for it to load.


Infestation is the very first mission of the game. Completing this will gain you an Agents Dossier which can be used to get the Agents Rookie Badge on My LEGO Network. Other collectables include Newspaper Clippings, Racing Trophies, Hardhats, and even Magma Drones. Magma Drones cannot be collected from the game, but instead you get them from Inferno in My LEGO Network. You need to collect these in order to get the Headline Hero Badge, which, in turn, is needed to get the Key to the City Badge. There are different types of missions, from helping out LEGO City, fighting Inferno's men, and racing. There is no Inferno missions, but you can unlock Inferno Vehicles.



Inferno has set up a compition for the Racers so they can win a prize. While Agent Chase is watching this, he spots a High Speed Jeep in the background, and he tells you to stop them. Once you do, you will continue to go around the city and completing various tasks. Later, it will have a cutscene of Inferno busting out of a building in his robot suit, and the following missions you are mostly trying to repair the damage he has caused while he attacks you. Until Peelie Wheelie, the last racer left in LEGO Town makes the Robot fall into hole at the contruction site. He then flies away with the torso of the robot. You can replay missions all you want after this.

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