8634 Mission 5: Turbocar Chase is an Agents set released in 2008.


One of the major parts of this set is the Turbocar. It is used by Agent Chase to escape after stealing a laptop from a secret Inferno compound. It destroys a gate and pursuing helicopter. The comic detailing this story was spread out over three different sections of a LEGO Club Magazine, and included captioning similar to a mission briefing. It is presumably best suited to paved roads and street driving, given its streamlined design and low-to-the-ground body design. It features:

  • Smoke and oil slick jets in the rear.
  • Pop-up guns concealed in the hood, which can refocus its beam from a precise cutting ray to a wide-spread power blast. A lever behind the centre of the windshield deploys them.
  • Four hidden missiles concealed behind the seats. They are revealed by twisting a knob on the back of the car.
  • An ejector seat. The set does not actually eject the seat, but rapidly tilts it backwards, flinging the passenger out.

Agents ID CardEdit

[1]The Agents ID Card was included as an added bonus. The card is of Agent Chase. It also has a "barcode" attached to it which would be used to get into the Mobile Command Centre. Every set in the first wave of Agents sets included a tiny star sticker in two pieces. This could optionally be added to the card up to a total of 6 stars.

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